Expert and Consumer Reviews
There is a numerous amount of user reviews listed on the Erexanol website. They all claim the product worked for them and how great it has improved their sex lives.
I don’t put a lot of faith in these particular reviews because I believe they are biased. I have not had any luch finding users who want to talk about how the product worked for them. Either they are shy, or they don’t have anything to say!
Money Back Guarantee
One tube of Erexanol costs $79.95 and is supposed to last around one month. It does seem a little expensive, but if it works I would say it’s worth every penny invested. But for some men, it won’t work, and there are many reasons why some of these products don’t have any effect.
So, if you don’t get the results you are looking for, Erexanol offers a 30 day %100 satisfaction money back guarantee.
They are confidant their product will give you the results they claim, that’s why they are backing it with a guarantee.
You must purchase Erexanol from their official website to qualify for the guarantee. The official website if very explanatory about the rules and policy of their return, that way there is no confusion.
Erexanol contains numerous ingredients, they are all important, but these are a few key ingredients:
L-Arginine– is an amino acid that plays a ‘huge’ part in enlarging the penis. It aids in the nitric oxide production within the body and inturn increases blood flow to the penis, causing it to increase in size and strength. It is a very common ingredient in male enhancements. Maca Extract – increases stamina

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