Penis Enlargement Pills

VigRX Plus penis enlargement pill says it will stimulate sexual desire, increase erectile blood flow and improve stamina and increase penis size.  Their official website is rather informative.

It does not say a whole lot about their supplements but goes into great detail about the anatomy of the male and how erections and orgasms work.
I learned a lot about the male reproduction system just by reading this website.  So if you are looking for a great anatomy lesson this may be beneficial.
The premise behind VigRX Plus is that this male sexual enhancer promises an enhanced erection quality, as well as giving men control over their ejaculation with a single dose lasting 36 hours.

Penis Enlargement Pills Reviews

VigRX Plus is one of those penis enlargement supplements that is a mystery.  There are no expert or consumer reviews found for this supplement.  In fact, there is very little information found about the product itself.

Money Back Guarantee

VigRX Plus does not have a money back guarantee.  It is rather confusing on their official website and there is no mention of a return policy, money back guarantee or even where their company is located.  The only way you can contact BLC Herbs is through email which is a warning sign!  You always want to have the option of returning or requesting a money back guarantee when you purchase an herbal supplement.

Penis Enlargement Pills Ingredients

The key  ingredients found in this formula are:
L-Arginine–this is the main ingredient found in this formula.  This has been proven to help with increasing the nitric oxide in the body.  Nitric oxide relaxes the smooth muscle in the penis which expands the penile blood vessels.

Tongkat Ali–has testosterone enhancing properties.  Referred to as Malaysia’s home grown Viagra.
Golden Spear Grass, Cinnamon, Cayenne, White Willow Bark and  Ginger Root–all improve vitality and enhance blood circulation.

The only quality ingredient proven to help with sexual performance for men is L-arginine.  The other ingredients do not have any clinical proof that they can help with stamina, vigor and better erections.  As far as lasting 36 hours that is not going to happen with this formula since there are no ingredients that are involved in sexual endurance.
Most of the ingredients are concerned with overall health benefits rather than sexual enhancement.  In fact, some of these ingredients are found in many weight loss supplements. I don’t think men are worried about increasing metabolism when they are looking to increase their sexual performance abilities.

VigRX Plus does give an informative lesson on reproductive systems of the male body but that is about all they do.  They give little information about their own supplements and it is hard to find out much about VigRX Plus.  BLC Herbs makes statements about this sexual enhancer but have no clinical evidence to back them up.

We know that VigRX Plus is made by BLC Herbs but that is all we know.  There is no address or phone number to get a hold of this company.  Always a red flag when they hide behind an email only.  Customer service can’t be great if you can’t talk with someone.

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